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Scheduling your repair will help us to get your bike back to you sooner. Scheduling is now needed for all repairs. When scheduling, you must schedule each bike individually, if you schedule one bike and bring two we will refuse it. Please attach your contact info to your bike before drop-off! Please remove all bags, baskets, childseats, and locks. Most repairs if we have the parts will take about 2 weeks from your scheduled date provided we can get the parts. There is a big bike parts shortage worldwide right now. Due to huge backlog of bikes needing service we are limiting what services we are doing and what bikes we will work on. We will no longer be working on department store bikes and we only work on ebike brands we sell or that are equipped with Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano Steps motors. We will not assemble bikes that are not purchased through us. Sorry for the inconvenience. We charge a $40 minimum, so if you decide not to repair your bike you will be charge $40.

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'Tis the season to get your skis and snowboards tuned for shredding the slopes. 

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We now offer skate sharpening, starting at only $7 per pair for a standard sharpening.