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Salem Cycle is consolidating into Marblehead Cycle

We are not closing, we are consolidating

After 22 years, Salem Cycle is merging our two stores, and will be closing the Salem location. Saturday, September 3rd will be our last day open in Salem. This has been a hard decision to make. I purchased Salem Cycle when I was 25, from my boss who I started working for when I was 14. Twenty years, later I purchased Marblehead Cycle from him and I have come full circle. I have seen sales and foot traffic continue to dwindle here in Salem. I blame it on lack of parking, Covid, and much more. Now I am short staffed and super busy in Marblehead. It makes sense to close Salem, but it is hard.

My hope is that we can be back in Salem soon, whether it is with mobile service or a store front.

Thank you for the past 22 years in Salem. I look forward to continuing be your bicycle shop at Marblehead Cycle, 25 Bessom Street, Marblehead, 781-631-1570

Local Pickup & Delivery Services

Pickup and delivery is now available for orders and service of $100 or more. Pickup and delivery services are available within 10 miles of 01945. Call or email us today to schedule a pickup and drop off. This service is $25 per pick-up or drop-off, not per bike, but per location.

Additional Bike Services

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We offer free in-store pickup on all bikes and equipment, and free new bike delivery to Salem, Marblehead, and Swampscott!