About Us

Our Goal

For you to love your cycling experience!

How We Do It:

  • Quality Workmanship
  • Attentive Service
  • Great Value

Risk Free Guarantee:

On every new bike we sell, if, for any reason you don't love your purchase, please bring it back within 30 days. We will re-fit it, adjust it, exchange it, replace certain components, or give you your money back.

Our New Bike Offer:

  • Our master fit guarantee
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 30-day price protection
  • Free 60 day check-up
  • 1st Flat Repair Free
  • and much more!

Guaranteed Fit:

  • Proper bike fit is essential for comfortable, efficient riding, whether you ride for commuting, fitness, or fun.
  • We use a collection of precision tools and data, from over 25 years in the business, that allow us to efficiently, discreetly and precisely measure you to determine your exact frame size (seat-tube length and angle, and top-tube length) and the proper adjustments for the points where you contact your bicycle.
  • Ride more comfortably and with less effort
  • If you're uncomfortable on your bike, suffering from numb hands, saddle sores, a stiff neck, achy wrists or back pain, it's very likely that your bicycle is contributing to the problems if not causing them. Our trained technicians and fitting experts can help.

Service Package Guarantees:

With every service package -basic tune-up, major tune-up, professional overhaul-
Salem Cycle's certified mechanics offer:

  • Free estimate
  • Free 60-day warranty on adjustments made during service
  • Free test ride on all bikes
  • and much more!

Personalized Service

  • Build and rebuild wheels
  • Bleed and tune disc brakes
  • Fit you to your old bike
  • Stock a lot of products from a lot of manufacturers
  • Special order thousand of parts, accessories, and bikes
  • Outfit you and your bike for any cycling experience
  • and much more!

Official Bike Shop

Salem Cycle is the official bike shop for the purchase, maintenance and repair of vehicles for

Salem Cycle is a member of, The Bike Cooperative!, the leading national bicycle cooperatve, to help us get you

  • Better prices
  • Faster delivery
  • Access to a wider selection of parts and accessories to maintain, customize, and enhance your cycling equipment and experience

Salem Cycle is a member of the following Advocacy groups:

NBDA, the country's leading advocate for independent bike retailers and bike riders to increase the range, comfort, and safety for your cycling

Bikes Belong works to put more people on bicycles more often. From helping create safe places to ride to promoting bicycling, we carefully select projects and partnerships that have the capacity to make a difference.

The League of American Bicyclists promotes bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and workz through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America

NEMBA is a recreational trails advocacy organization. Our mission, which we've chosen to take, is to ride on the best trails that the world has to offer.

Dan Shuman, Owner

  • Certified bicycle mechanic
  • Bike shop owner or employee for over twenty years
  • Salem Chamber of Commerce "Businessman of the Year 2009"