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Coronavirus Update

While many businesses around us have been closed and are preparing to open on Monday, we are taking a different approach.

Bicycle shops were declared essential in the beginning and we have been busier than it has ever been in my 31 years in this business. As the owner of Salem Cycle and Marblehead Cycle, I have decided to wait a little longer before we open our doors to customers. 

We now require a $40 minimum on service orders because every bike must be given a sanitizing bike wash before we’ll start any service. Note: this is a $40 minimum for service, not an additional $40 charge on top of the service cost.

Please drop off your bike the day before it is scheduled! When dropping off your bike it must have your name, phone, and email attached to it.

The scheduled service date is when we will evaluate your bike, and it should be ready within 1 week! We will contact you when it is done.

When scheduling an appointment do not use a Safari browser!! Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are fine.

Bike Service & Repair Packages

Prices listed are for labor only, unless otherwise noted. Please note that parts to complete these service packages are billed at additional cost and possible additional installation charges. We have the right to refuse service on any bike! Some repairs may require a deposit. All prices are estimates and due to our rising costs prices are subject to change.

To schedule a repair click here! 

Please note: Your drop off date will be 1 week prior to your pickup date, not the drop-off date noted. If you would like Rush Service (1 week) it is $100/bike additional. You may note "Rush" in your service request. All service has a $40 minimum. For flats only you may drop off your bike during store hours for 72 hour turnaround. When dropping off your bike you must have your contact info attached to the bike and you must wear a mask.



Our basic tune-up will make sure your bike is in good condition and performing crisply. Ideal after your bike has seen some wear or storage, when parts still have life left but need adjustment. Includes:

  • Gears, brakes, and bearings adjusted
  • Wheels trued laterally, on the bike
  • Full safety check
  • Test ride to ensure proper performance
  • *Note: Parts not included
  • *Note: Extra charges may be incurred for extremely dirty equipment



The annual helps prepare your bike for another year of daily use. For riders who use their bike frequently, or when the drivetrain has started to wear out. 

  • Includes everything from a Basic, plus:
  • Drivetrain cleaning
  • Wheels trued laterally and radially
  • Includes labor to replace drivetrain parts if we are not cleaning them
  • *Note: Parts not included
  • *Note: Extra charges may be incurred for extremely dirty equipment

Full Suspension Tune


The full suspension tune is what you need every 200 hours of riding your full suspension mountain bike.

  • Includes everything from an Annual, plus:
  • Front and Rear Suspenion Service
  • Disc brake bleed
  • Tubeless Sealant check

  • *Note: Parts not included
    • *Note: Extra charges may be incurred for extremely dirty equipment

E-Bike Tune-up


Tuning up an electric pedal assist bike involves a little more expertise. All bicycle components are meticulously cleaned, re-lubricated and prepped. All wires are exposed electrical connections are cleaned and re-connected and tested. Software is updated (we can only do this on brands we sell)

  • Includes everything from our Annual Tiune-up plus:
  • All exposed wire connections cleaned and re-connected
  • Software updated
  • *Note: Parts not included
  • *Note: Extra charges may be incurred for extremely dirty equipment

A La Carte Menu

*Parts not included

Flat Tire Repair $15
Remove wheel, diagnose cause of flat replace tube, reinstall on bike 

 Tubeless Tire Sealant Check and Fill $25
Remove wheel, clean out old sealant, re-seat tire and refill with fresh sealant


Shifting System Adjustment $25/each
Inspect, lubricate and adjust front or rear gear system

Brake System Adjustment $25/each
Inspect, lubricate and adjust front or rear brake system

Headset or Bottom Bracket Adjustment $25 
Includes adjusting bearings   

Headset Replacement $45

Bottom Bracket Replacement $45
Remove cranks, install new BB, reinstall cranks

True Wheel $45
Includes proper tensioning of all spokes
Note: spoke replacement is extra

Chain Replacement $20 
Install new chain and check shifting calibration

Disc Brake Bleed or Setup $45/wheel 
Mechanical $25/wheel
Hydraulic $45/wheel

Drive Train Cleaning $65 
Remove crank, chain and cassette
Wash in solvent bath, dry and lubricate
Reinstall components

Install Front Basket or Rear Rack $30 
If not Purchased at Salem Cycle, Add $10

Install Fender Set $40 
If not Purchased at Salem Cycle, Add $10

Boxing and Shipping Bicycle $100 
Disassemble and pack bicycle for shipping
Insurance and Shipping costs are not included

 Assemble a new bicycle 
Bicycle w/o gears $75
Bicycle w/Gears $125
Electric Bicycle $200

Install cyclometer $25
Installation of computer and calibration

Hub Overhaul $25
Disassemble hub, repack with grease, bearings and cones replaced as needed

Wrap Handlebar $20
Bars wrapped so the tape actually stays on!
Aero bar set-up add $10.00

Wheel Building $75
The lost art of hand building a wheel